Who we are

A great place to invest and earn exciting returns with peace of mind.

FarmKlan is a crowdfunding digital agriculture platform that connects investors around the world with local farmers to enable everyone participate in commercial farming and make good returns. We offer smallholder farmers inputs, training in best farm practices and provide access to premium market at harvest. This enables farmers increase their scale of production, earn more and improve their livelihood.

Beginning operations in January 2020, we are poised to giving a new lease of life to smallholder farmers and ensuring sustainable food production in Nigeria with the aim of ultimately addressing food security needs of the rest of Africa. We collaborate with major industry stakeholders (farmer co-operatives, off-takers, research institutions, input manufacturers, development organisations, among others)

Our Vision

To be a leading digital agriculture platform notable for delivering best solutions for sustainable food systems and transforming Africa into a prosperous and food secure continent.

Our Mission

To create opportunity to everyone to engage in the business of agriculture towards attaining global food security and economic prosperity.

Our Identity

More food, better world...

Values that drive us

• Integrity:

At the heart of our work, is the commitment to respecting all regulations, upholding ethical standards and maintaining best professional practice. While dealing with our investors, farmers and partners, we do not take anyone and anything for granted, and we are proud of our growing team of transparent, trustworthy and dependable people.

• Innovation:

We understand that stakeholders are striving to be on the edge and our team goes the extra mile in search of top notch ideas that put us continually on the course of creative approaches to classic business experience. We build smart solutions with excellence in mind.

• Communication:

We attach high premium on customer relations and ensure everyone is satisfied with our services. We therefore cherish feedback, stories and conversations that shape our decisions. With this, we tweak our solutions to meet current needs of the market and build a community of happy investors and self-fulfilled farmers.